Enhance your Windshield's Visibility & Durability Today!


With the rising costs and supply issues related to windshield replacements, prioritizing its protection has never been more vital than now! Taking steps to safeguard this essential component not only saves costs but also prevents extended waiting times, ensuring a safe and unobstructed driving experience.

Repair & Replace

Repair & Replace

Owners Pride Windshield Coating not only enhances your windshield's strength by 30%, providing protection against rocks and other hazards, but also offers a nationally backed transferable warranty. In the rare event of a chip or crack, the warranty OP will cover the repair or replacement of up to $5,000 worth of damage, including recalibration!

rockchip prevention

Rock Chip

Daily commuting and spirited weekend drives expose your vehicle's windshield to potential damage from airborne road debris like rocks, twigs, bugs, and more, leading to chipping, scratching, and pitting over time. Thankfully, with our 99.9% optically clear Windshield Film, you can proactively prevent windshield damage from occurring in the first place.

Acid Rain

Water & Snow

Our Protective Windshield products not only establish a protective layer to minimize damage but also excel in repelling liquids. Experience a clearer path ahead during rainstorms and blizzards – it's so effective that you won't even need to use your windshield wipers!

UV Protection


Our Windshield Film protects your family and vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays, effectively reducing risk of skin cancer and damage to your interior's surfaces like fading and aging.


How Do I Prevent Rock Chips in my Windshield?

There are two means of protecting your windshield: Windshield Film and Glass Coating. Film, also known as Skin, acts as an optically clear and ceramic-infused, 8mil thick barrier that completely shields your windshield from rock chips and cracks caused by airborne debris. On the other hand, OP Glass Coating involves a four-layer liquid application designed to fortify your windshield by 30%, reducing the likelihood of pitting, cracks, and chips.

What guarantees or warranties are included?

OP Glass comes with a transferable, Carfax-reported Nationwide Backed Insurance Policy, available for either 3 or 5 years. This policy provides warranty coverage against failure and also extends to cover the expenses of repairing or replacing any damage from rock chips or cracks, up to a maximum aggregate limit of $5,000, which includes recalibration costs. Meanwhile, Bray Windshield Skin offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring protection against issues like yellowing, bubbling, and cracking.

Will I see the Film or Coating and How Do I Maintain Them?

Both OP Glass Coating and Bray Windshield Skin boast an impressive 99% optical clarity. While Glass Coating is applied as a liquid, Bray is a film that we always trim to precisely match the edge of the windshield, ensuring minimal visibility from the exterior. To maintain either product, we recommend switching to silicone wiper blades to minimize wear on the water repellency feature. Additionally, it's advisable to avoid dry wiping your windshield. Regular use of non-alcohol-based cleaners is perfectly suitable for cleaning.

Windshield Film and Windshield Coating are the two types of windshield protection for your vehicle.


  • 100% Increase in Glass Strength
  • Rock Chip Prevention
  • Scratch Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • Physical 8 mil Film
  • Water Repellency
  • Increased Visibility
  • 99% Optical Clarity
  • Warrantied


  • 30% Increase in Glass Strength
  • Self Cleaning Technology
  • Liquid Application
  • Transferrable, Repair or Replace Warranty


Windshield Ceramic Coating

Significantly decreases the risk of damage from airborne debris while adding exceptional water and dirt repellency!

  • Windshield Cleaned
  • Surface Prep
  • 2 Base Coat Layers Applied
  • 2 Top Coat Layers Applied

Windshield Film

Our windshield film not only prevents damage from occurring in the first place but also provides outstanding water and dirt repellency!

  • Wipers & Trim Removed (As Necessary)
  • Windshield Cleaned
  • Surface Prepped for Installation
  • Bray Windshield Skin Applied
  • Film Trimmed to Edge of Windshield, Removed Components Reinstalled
Some minor disassembly could be required for Windshield Film installation.
Owners Pride Windshield Coatings are CarFax Reported and come with a transferable warranty for their duration.